"I like success, of course, but no one can refutate that unsuccess gives to man great freedom."

(Thomas Berger - Little Big Man)

          The history of The Unsuccesfull athlete band started to be written in summer 2002, when few members of atheltic club "Locomotive Upper Bagboots" was excluded from the club for their noxious regime and catastrophical results. Theese renegades decided to start a band, whereas musical instrumens distribution was determined by lot.
          Surpraisingly, their initiative euphorie survived till the present. They already succeeded in inflitration to several established music clubs (Jazz Club Zelezna, Malostranska Beseda), where bowled over everybody, especially the sound engineer.
          Several suplications addressed to Ministry of Culture and requesting the dissolution of band was to a miracle misapprehended on their destination, so one can meet still this strange combination of athletic analfabets, that produces their orchestral hellbender mostly (and the most likely) in a homy club RAF in Hanspaulka Prague quarter. The style of music produced by this gang is possible to describe either several neck breaking compounds ("pubfolk", "punkjazz"), or one more head sentence: "The band using more instruments than chords."
          On the spring 2003 broke theese marauders even into refugee camps in Sec and Kostelec nad Orlici and on 2003 holidays they attached to the theatre society "Velky Vuz" in their north-east Bohemia strolling with play "From the secrecy of the Zizkov underwold", masked as accompanying band. They performed a concert at club U Rafa in September 2003 and the record was published as Demo 2003.
          Just after it left Helmut to England and when he came back in August 2004, The Unsuccessful athlete played on festival in Jimramov and rehearsed a few new songs. Encouraged by the success at many concerts, the new songs were recorded in January 2005 at Studio Botevova in Prague. The record was released in May 2005 and was named Tell me lady. This time, Jirka (accordion) left to England and his brother Petr stood in. After Jirka's return the band has deployed modern armanent and performs on new battlefields. In December caught the band second breath - trumpeter Lukas.

Tereza Koprivova vocals
Pavel Helmut Kholl guitar, vocals, music and lyrics
Petr Hugo Slik drums
Ales Kopriva bassguitar
David Kostal percussion
Jiri Skala accordion
Lukas Halfar trumpet
Tomas Adolf Jirikovsky tenorsaxophone